Samsung MC28H5125AK

Samsung MC28H5125AK Combination Microwave Oven

This innovative piece of kit comes exclusively from Samsung. It is a combination microwave with many handy features, making it a flexible addition to any kitchen space.

This is a great example of a microwave which can do much more than just reheat food and cook the basics. If you’re looking for a microwave which can also act as an oven, then it is one of the strongest contenders thanks to a 28L capacity, even spread of heat and easy to clean interior enamel. There’s enough cubic feet to enable you to cook a wide array of dishes.

To sum up how advanced it is, two of the settings are yoghurt and dough proving. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker or someone who cooks from scratch, but are stuck for space to fill your kitchen with dedicated gadgets, it could be a perfect meet-in-the-middle option.

This modern appliance provides us with lots of smart technology features, too, including a humidity sensor that monitors the moisture levels ensuring your meal does not dry out. To say all of this is included, the price isn’t bad at all. Sensor cooking doesn’t have to be expensive even when you look at the leading microwave brands out there!

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