This great-looking microwave benefits from an impressive 23 litre capacity as well as a striking ice blue display, meaning that you really shouldn’t lose track of time while cooking. You really can depend on Samsung for the best in tech across the board, and this 800W microwave is likely to give you more than enough power to cook, reheat, defrost and more. This model has 18 pre-set programs for you to cook with, too, meaning that there’s no need for you to have to fiddle around with setting the timer off and waiting to see what happens next. Samsung has lined this microwave up as a pretty decent mid-range option, with ceramic enamel on the inside offering ease of cleaning from day to day. Complete with a classic turntable for ease of cooking and thorough heating, this microwave should give you everything you’re looking for from a leading oven. We dare say it’s a great system to rely on if you’re really not sure which microwave is going to work best for you.
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