Samsung MS28J5255UW


Samsung have excelled themselves with this creation. We are still in awe at how they have pieced together the full outfit and yet still qualify it as a compact microwave.
If you wish to save on space but still want all of the modern features then you should take a look at this Samsung MS28J5255UW. It comes with an auto-frost function, lots of power and an LED display. But the thing we love the most? It packs 28 litres of space into the small dimensions. Perfect if you need more cooking space but don’t have the physical space.
The product is one that is perfectly slick and sure to add character to your kitchen. Check out its curved handle, durable design and easy to use control panel. There are some really handy pre-sets as well, such as an option to healthy steam, one to pre-warm the plates and even an option for deodorisation. So when you’ve been cooking fish, it won’t stink out the house or linger for months to come.

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