Samsung NQ50J9530BS Chef Collection

Samsung NQ50J9530BS Chef Collection Compact Oven

This Samsung NQ50J9530BS is a powerhouse that has every function you could possibly need. What it lacks in oven space it gains in power, effectiveness and features.

The stylish kitchen addition comes in silver and has two fans that rotate in different directions ensuring that your dish is heated evenly throughout. There are three settings – convection, microwave oven and combination mode – meaning that you can use this versatile oven for chicken, vegetables, rice, bread and more.

It has easy to clean technology, touch screen controls and despite it’s small exterior it still boasts over 50 litres capacity inside the oven. This allows you to enjoy the world of compact ovens and all the benefits, without any of the downfalls. That is because it offers more than enough room for Christmas dinners and big family meals despite it making it onto our compact oven list.

This is our favourite due to its space, style, features and its fantastic price.

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