Samsung Prezio NQ50K5137KB


We won’t beat around the bush – this is a standout microwave for countless reasons. From loads of helpful features to a huge 50 litre capacity, it is the best choice for larger households.
900W of power means everything is done in great time, whether it be defrosting chicken breasts for dinner that night or heating up a lunchtime bowl of soup.
The choice of automatic settings is broad, with everything from veg to fish and meats covered. A soft close door is a nice touch, so it won’t be loud when the door is shut and it won’t move or jolt your food.
We particularly love the steam clean function which uses the steam to remove any burnt on residue in the microwave. Gone are the days of filling up a jug with water and lemon/vinegar and doing the steaming manually.
There is a defrost option, and there is no rotating plate which makes the unit easier to use and allows you to cook larger items. It also makes the most of the 50L room and ensures cooking is consistent.

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