Severin DK 1031 Hob


This is one of the best-looking induction hobs of its kind as well as in its line of technology – with plenty of power across two separate cooking zones, and stacks of space and area available for larger pans should you need it. This is also a system that’s really easy to use, with a clear display unit and touch controls built-in as standard, meaning it only takes a tap or two for you to really get going.
Boasting safety features such as a safety switch-off option which kicks in on your behalf, as well as a 180-minute timer set up to help you cook up a storm with larger of more complex dishes. This is a double hob built to help you manage boiling, frying and broiling without the need for a complex cooktop. Reviews for this model are generally excellent, too.
Even from look alone, you can tell that this is a durable and hard-wearing hob, worth the price tag though likely to offer the same level of convenience and technology as you’d expect from other hobs and units on the line.

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