Stoves Richmond 600G

Stoves Richmond 600G Gas Range Cooker

We recently reviewed the electrical version of this model and once again we are impressed with the Richmond 600. This time it is a freestanding gas cooker and provides conventional heat, which is idea for cooking pretty much any food.
Add that classic touch into your kitchen and every dish you wish to cook as you heat it up with traditional gas energy. Available in red, black or cream, it is the ideal way to add a bit of a retro focal point to your kitchen without the appliance standing out too much.
You will save money with the A/A energy efficiency, and the planet too. The gliding shelves make easy work of pulling out your cooking masterpiece. Combined with 71 litres of space, it’ll comfortably fit anything from the casserole dish to the Christmas turkey.
As an added touch, you can hook it up to your chosen smart device. The Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to remotely set the clock and timer, as well as register your appliance to make use of the warranty.

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