This impressive single cooking zone portable induction hob offers a little more than the one-pot service it seems to promise. For a start, it offers up to 2000W in power and 15 different cooking modes and settings, meaning that there’s likely to be more packed into this little gizmo than you might expect from some of the more expensive units out there. Trust us on this one!
If the fantastic price tag doesn’t appeal to you here, the precise touch control and programming functionalities will. This means that instead of having to fiddle and fumble around with confusing manual knobs and dials, all you have to do is gently tap a few times on the control panel to take advantage of precision cooking.
This is a portable induction hob which is also built to work with magnetic cookware. This means that, providing you use the best pots and pans around, you can start boiling quicker than you might ever have imagined. Make sure to take advantage of the brilliant automated pan detection, too – there’s been no better time to invest in induction cooking, and we think this makes for a great introduction.

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