Tefal Everyday Hob


We love Tefal for their pioneering technology, but just as much for their lack of frills and unnecessary embellishments! This portable induction hob offers simple technology at a surprisingly affordable price, and if you are simply looking for a standard portable hob that won’t take much cleaning down or maintenance over time, this is likely to be a top choice for you in the long run.
This hob will happily welcome pans of up to 25cm in diameter, and as you can expect from an induction cooktop in general, it’s extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean. Otherwise, what you see really is what you get – a portable hob that warms up and cooks quicker than your average electric model, and which is never likely to break the bank.
If you’re in the market for an induction hob to take on the go which needs little in the way of attention or fuss in the long run, do make a point of investing £50 in this leading piece of Tefal tech. It’s one of our absolute favourites.

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