Tefal OF445840 Optimo


Tefal don’t do things by halves unless it comes to the price of course. You can pick this bespoke mini oven and grill up for a budget cost, yet still gives a high-quality performance.

It really is impressive and boasts eight cooking functions. Use the oven to defrost, grill and bake even bain-marie. It even showcases two rotisserie functions to roast your chicken, which gives large cavity performance on a smaller scale.

The overall weight is low, which makes it nice and easy to carry from one bench to another or take in a caravan. You could even keep this mini oven for those overflow occasions such as the Sunday dinner or Christmas and just bring it out when required. This electric mini oven is powerful enough for all your cooking needs and can heat up to 240°C, so is ideal for everyday cooking too.

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