Tefal RK1568


This compact appliance is super-stylish and simple to use. Cool touch technology makes it a safe unit to have in your kitchen, in case this is a particular worry for your lifestyle.
A non-stick removable bowl will make it easier to wash and clean up, but you can also take this straight to the table to serve if you wish. With just two functions, a cooking button and a keep warm option, it isn’t difficult or complicated to use, which is ideal for anyone who wants to just set their cooking appliances to work and make the most of the assistance.
It will automatically switch to keep warm too, so you don’t have to rush to the unit when time is up. The coolwall body makes it safe to use, and the glass lid is also cooltouch to prevent accidents when going to serve.
There is a little bit of water spitting out of the top when it is working, and you have to cook a minimum of six servings at any one time, so it isn’t a model for just one or two people (unless you really really like rice, of course).

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