Tefal RK302E15


An 8-in-1 multicooker which doesn’t just cook perfect rice to a tee, but also helps you with casseroles, soups, stews, and porridge.
Although it is apt for curries, chili con carne and other meals you may want to slow cook, it comes with a specific setting in order to cook the best rice. It is designed to do this in the fastest possible time too, so your meal can be on the table ASAP.
There is both a white rice and brown rice setting, as each requires slightly different times and temperatures. Both come out perfect, so if you’re on a health kick or your recipe simply requires brown rice, you don’t have to manually adapt the white rice setting.
It comes complete with an easy-to-use electronic control panel, a removable bowl that is simple to clean and also has a keep warm function ensuring that your meal is ready to serve. There is even a setting for desserts, and one for steaming. If you’re after a unit which is versatile yet still cooks rice perfectly, then this is a great pick at a fab price for what you get.

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