Vonshef 13/343


Cooking a delicious batch of rice has never been easier thanks to this VonShef rice cooker. It comes in stainless steel and has two easy carry handles to make it easier to bring in and out of the cupboard.
A 1.8L capacity can make up to 8 cups of rice at any one time, approximately enough to make a serving for six people. You can cook various forms of rice in it, such as arborio, jasmine, white, basmati, long grain and more.
A simple one-touch button can start the process, and from there you can let it work its magic. When the cooking is done, the keep warm function will kick in, so even if you can’t get there straight away your dinner won’t spoil.
There is a measuring cup included so you can get the perfect rice to water ratio, and also a serving spoon when it comes to dishing up.

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