Vonshef Electric Food Steamer


Vonshef is a great brand, and they’ve entered into the three-tier steamer game in style, serving up a fantastic 800W system that’s amazingly affordable. Cook and steam three different dishes or parts to the same meal in a levelled system, meaning that there’s no more mess or muddlement along the way.

You’ll benefit from a 60-minute timer, meaning that you can take complete control of your cooking with as much or as little assistance as you demand. It’s worth noting that you’ll also be able to wash the separate pieces and levels from this steamer in the dishwasher, offering you one less thing to worry about.

Even better is the fact that this system will even switch off when it runs out of water, meaning you won’t have to worry about keeping a constant eye on the H2O level as you go along. That really isn’t bad for an RRP of £30 or less, meaning we dare say it’s one of the best picks for those just getting into steaming.

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