Zanussi ZCI66250XA


This is an impressive-looking cooker with induction hob benefits likely to appeal to regular home cooking. There are four burners with impressive heat capabilities, meaning that you can use one or two on a low heat, while really cranking up the heat on others to bring things up to a serious boil.

This cooker is well known for being extremely easy to clean. The induction top is perfect for your induction pots and is fantastically simple to wipe the surface after even the heaviest of use, and it will normally cool down pretty sharpish, too! 

Please note that induction cookware like cast iron works well on induction, but a pan or pot made of cast iron often has rough bumps and a damaged bottom that can cause scratches to your induction cooktop, so you have to be careful in moving them while cooking. Also, cookware made of aluminum material will not work on an induction stove or cook top.

The oven cavities themselves boast catalytic liners, making them some of the easiest to maintain and keep clean over long periods. It’s well worth investing in for these features alone.

There’s 77 litres of capacity in the main cavity, with a further 39 litres available in the second stack if you need it. That’s tons of space! It’s also built to fit snugly into even the tightest of spaces, too, making it well worth looking into even if you have a smaller kitchen area.

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