Zanussi ZGNN755X


This great traditional stainless steel gas hob not only looks the part, it also offers an impressive 5 burners for you to work with, meaning that you can steam, boil and more besides all at once. As a gas model, this hob system is quick to fire up and easy to manage, meaning that you shouldn’t ever have too much difficulty precision cooking on the top.

You also benefit from a wok burner, meaning that if you do like to dabble in specific cuisines and cooking styles, you have a little bit of extra support in developing some truly tasty dishes. There’s also a nice dial system you can use here, meaning that there’s no need for you to worry about fumbling around with touch controls if that’s simply not your style.

To top it off, you will also benefit from fantastic cast iron pan supports, meaning that if you’re struggling to keep your pans steady on the cooktop, you’ll have added stability from use to use.

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