Small Appliances

If there is one thing that most people wished they had more of its time. Small kitchen appliances bring a host of time-saving conveniences to your kitchen. From slow cookers to rice cookers.

Small kitchen appliances are, as they say small. They sit on your countertop, or when not in use you can keep them in your cupboard.

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Slow Cookers Two People

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As someone who loves to cook, I may confess to having several! My favorites being a mini blender and my slow cooker which is probably my most used small appliance. Other small appliances that fall into the category of small appliances are toaster, rice cookers, health grills, coffee machines, mini ovens, deep fat fryers and air fryers, to name just a few.

What Small Kitchen Appliances Do You Need?

That is a very challenging question. It is very easy to get carried away and buy all sorts of small appliances for them to either collect dust on your countertop (I am guilty here with my coffee machine), or those that depend on your love of cooking that you just can’t do without and will use over and over again.

Before sitting down to write this I started my dinner for this evening. Slow Cooker Chicken Korma.

The process started with using my Kenwood mini chopper food processor (I have had mine for at least 10 years) you can pick them up for around £20 and worth every penny!

I chopped my onion, ginger and garlic, before browning my chicken, then adding my onion mix, spices and then added all the ingredients and some chicken stock to my slow cooker and that’s it, I will add some cream and ground almond later – but for me that is saving time. I can now work knowing I will have a delicious, home cooked, meal on my table this evening with minimal input from me.

So in answer to the question, What Small Kitchen Appliances Do You Need? there is no definitive answer, it really depends on your individual needs, your kitchen space and your budget.

We’ve done the research to help you choose the best small appliances for your kitchen and to support you with choosing, using and getting the best out of your small appliances, we have a series of guides to help you.

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We’ve done the research to help you choose the best small appliances for you